New Terms & Conditions
Summary of Changes

We’ve listened to your feedback carefully on our Terms & Conditions and Shareholders’ Agreement, and have made the decision to make some changes to reflect that feedback. In particular to make these documents even more tailored to your buy to let journey.

A non-binding summary of the key changes to can be found below:

Terms & Conditions

  • We have added provisions in respect of the process should your initial property purchase fall through to provide further guidance.
  • Our services are now clearly set out in our ‘Services Handbook’ which outlines what is provided as part of your subscription and the additional services that we offer. This is now linked in the Terms & Conditions and can also be found here.
  • Simpler provisions setting out what happens if you do not pay your subscription fee.
  • It is now clearer that your GetGround company can sell the property at any time, which was always the case.
  • Additional provisions have been included to make it clear at the outset what information you need to provide in order for GetGround to provide its services to you.
  • We have reduced the number of matters requiring GetGround consent to ensure that you can run your GetGround company with less hurdles and interruption. Certain matters now only require you to notify us.
  • We have identified in a specific section the actions you and your GetGround company are restricted from doing whilst on the GetGround platform.
  • We have simplified certain provisions relating to Defaulting Shareholders and Shareholder Consent and removed provisions in respect of Company Liabilities, Expenses and Landlord Representatives that we have never enforced and were often a source of questions.
  • We’ve updated the provisions in the Terms & Conditions in respect of (i) the sale of shares or the property, and (ii) the termination process and the steps required to offboard or dissolve your GetGround company.
  • Further clarity added in respect of what constitutes Illegal Activity and the rights available to GetGround should you engage in Illegal Activity.
  • We’ve removed references to the Bulletin Board which will be included in a separate set of terms and conditions which a customer may sign should they wish to use GetGround to sell shares in their GetGround company in the future.
  • We’ve updated the Terms & Conditions to make them holding company compatible given our holding company offering.

Shareholders' Agreement

  • We’ve included a new clause which requires a shareholder on a sale of their shares to offer those shares to the existing shareholders before selling to a third party outside of the shareholder group.
  • Cross references to the Terms and Conditions have been simplified.
  • Provisions in respect of Landlord Representatives, Fair Value and Deed of Adherence have been removed as these were not used by customers and could be difficult to navigate.
  • The agreement has been updated to make it holding company compatible given our holding company offering.