My property has not yet completed. Do I still need to submit company accounts?

Yes. Your accounts are prepared as a snapshot of your company during the accounting period. Even though your property has not completed, you will still need to provide records of any other expenses incurred through your company.

If there are no transactions or expenses to report, you will still be required to complete the accounting flow and answer the questions accordingly so our accountants know that no expenses have been incurred, and can prepare accounts on that basis.

In order to see what you will need to submit, you'll have to log onto your GetGround account.

On your dashboard, you will see "To-Do's" listed for your companies. Once you've clicked there, you will then enter our accounting flow and have to answer a series of questions which will determine whether anything further is needed. Please see our accounting webinar here for an in depth guide.


If you have more questions about preparing your company accounts, you can email us at