I need help finding financing

If you're looking for a mortgage for your your property, please reach out.

We can help you find a mortgage

We have access to a range of products from different lenders on an ‘execution only’ basis.  You can view your mortgage options either via our website or by logging in to your GetGround dashboard. Navigate to your investment and click ‘Add mortgage’ and then ‘I need a mortgage’. This will take you to a screen where you can input all your mortgage requirements. You will be shown products you are eligible for and have the ability to book a call with one of our mortgage consultants. 

If you are interested speaking to a mortgage broker, we can also refer you to our panel of fantastic brokers who can view the whole of the market. Please get in touch with our team. 

If the mortgage tab is not visible to you, it will be because you were referred by one of our trusted partners who also provides mortgage services. Please get in touch with the team gethelp@getground.co.uk and we will ensure you are referred back to the partner to discuss your mortgage options. .


Company Documents for Mortgages

Mortgage lenders will often require a board resolution authorising the entry of the company into the lending documents. Unfortunately, GetGround does not provide this service. We can, however, provide your solicitor with any company documents required to draft this but we cannot draft it ourselves.

This is because each lender has specific requirements and documents. As we do not have visibility over these, you should ask your solicitor to draft these documents for you.


If you’d like more information and to schedule a call with a member of our mortgage team, please email gethelp@getground.co.uk.