Holding Company Structures Explained

Holding Companies & Subsidiaries

A holding company is a company created to own and control multiple other companies, called subsidiaries. Individual shareholders own shares in the holding company, but the holding company is the 100% shareholder of all the subsidiary companies.

For buy-to-let investments, the subsidiary companies work in a similar way to stand-alone limited companies - each one is an SPV that contains one property only.

Stand-alone limited companies are typically used by those looking to own a small number of properties due to their simpler structure. 

For those looking to build a large property portfolio, the holding company structure can help consolidate the income of a larger number of properties together. 

GetGround Holding Company Shareholder Structure

The GetGround Holding company is incorporated with 1,000 ordinary shares of £0.10 each. Each subsidiary then has 100 ordinary shares of £1 each. 

Up to 8 individuals can own shares in the holding company and in turn, the holding company is the 100% owner in all subsidiary companies. 

You can update the shareholder structure of a holding company at any time. 

If you would like to sell shares in a subsidiary company, please note that this must be done as a whole (100% of the shares). 

Adding subsidiaries to a holding company

When you create a holding company through GetGround, you will also need to design the first subsidiary at the same time. Once you have inputted all your details, we will get both companies incorporated for you.

Once the incorporation is complete, you can then add as many subsidiaries as you wish. 

Holding Companies & GetGround Business Accounts

The Holding Company does not have its own business account, but each subsidiary company does. All transactions for each respective company should go through the relevant accounts. 

Migrating a stand-alone limited company to a holding company structure

Moving stand-alone companies into a holding company can involve complex legal restructuring. This is not something that we currently offer to our customers at GetGround but are actively considering this as a future addition to our service.


If you would like to find out more, please get in touch at gethelp@getground.co.uk