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Change your property details

Change your property address, completion date, property price, and mortgage information.

You can change the property details for your company at any time through your GetGround dashboard. This includes changes to the property address, property price, completion date, or mortgage information. 

If your company has been incorporated 

Log onto your GetGround dashboard and click on 'My Investments' and select the investment/property that you would like to change by clicking 'Go to my Investment'. This should then bring you to the Company page. Look for the tab called 'Property details' and click on the 'Request a Change' button to the right. 



Once you've landed on the change request page, you'll then need to select which information you would like to change. This can be either:

  • Property Address: The street address and postal code of your property
  • Purchase details: The property price, whether you're using a mortgage, or completion date. 

You can change all of these details at the same time. You'll just need to click on the Change button to the right of the screen and fill out the information requested. 


Once you've provided the information, you should then be able to review the changes that you would like to make. If all the details are correct, click Agree and submit. This will then update the details on your account and update any necessary incorporation documents for you to sign. 


Please note: changes to the property address or property price are not complete until these documents have been signed by all shareholders. If you are not the sole shareholder of your company, all other shareholders will receive an email notification prompting them to sign.


If you have other shareholders that need to sign the documents, they will be able to do so by accessing the To-Do on their GetGround dashboard.


Depending on whether you incorporated your company through GetGround’s platform or not, this process is slightly different.

If you incorporated your company outside of GetGround’s platform

Changing your property details may or may not require updates to your company’s documents. Because of this, please get in touch with us at gethelp@getground.co.uk so that we can properly evaluate the work that needs to be completed and ensure that your company documents are accurate and complete.

If your company has not yet been incorporated

You will not be able to update this information through your dashboard yet. However, one of our lovely team will be able to assist you with getting the details updated. Please send us an email with your required changes to gethelp@getground.co.uk