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Business Account Fees

Transaction Fees

The fees associated with your business account are as follows:
  • £7.50 for inbound GBP payments of £50 or more made via CurrencyCloud or CHAPs
  • £25 for outbound payments over £10k
Transactions that will not incur any fees include:
  • Non-GBP payments received via CurrencyCloud (i.e. payments made to be converted in CurrencyCloud)
  • Inbound payments that are not CHAPs or GBP through CurrencyCloud

These fees covers GetGround's incurred costs to facilitate these transactions. 

Currency Exchange Fees
If you need to complete a currency exchange, we charge a low rate of 0.5% for the service. To see what the current exchange rate is, click "view our conversion rates" on your GetGround dashboard. Here, you'll be able to see how much you need to send in your local currency to make a specific payment in GBP.
Transaction fees will go live on Monday, 6 November 2023.