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"Without a doubt the most efficient way to purchase property via a limited company structure. The service is seamless and efficient whilst being the most cost effective in the market."
"Great service, everything worked smoothly, from opening the international bank account (literally one click!) to setting up the company."
"A great company with excellent service. From the very start of my journey with them I was fully supported and guided through the whole process. I would highly recommend GetGround to anyone looking to start a company portfolio."

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Your buy-to-let investment needs protecting. Benefit from best in class security and automation, for just £20 a month.

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Peace of mind

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Upskill your buy-to-let knowledge with the help of our personalised property and mortgage consultations. All your questions answered in two hours of tailored training.

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The data you need, to find the property you want. We'll connect you with local property experts alongside advanced data analytics to help find the perfect buy-to-let investment.

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Better buy-to-let mortgage rates, secured exclusively from our trusted brokers. Unlock the best deals available for limited company mortgages, with us by your side.

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