October 18, 2023

'I can do everything online': the convenience of GG Company for international investors

GG Company was able to streamline the property investment journey for Volker, a non-UK resident investing in buy-to-let property.

What Volker loves about GetGround:

  • The easy, online functionality of the GG platform
  • A hassle-free international business account with currency conversion
  • A smooth and quick limited company set-up process

“The situation is not as favourable in Germany as it is in the UK right now.”

There are plenty of opportunities within the UK for foreign investors, but with a tangible asset like property, the international experience isn’t always as easy as hoped. At GetGround we’re here to help: our all-in-one property investment platform empowers international investors with an effortless way to invest in UK property. 


Recently we spoke to Volker, a pilot from Germany, about the expansion of his property portfolio in the UK. An experienced investor within the German market, Volker was recommended by a friend to look across borders and start his UK investment journey.


Finding GetGround: Setting up a limited company as an international investor

“I came to you because other platforms could not provide me with a UK business account.”

Volker tried setting up a limited company for his property with another platform but closed it shortly after as they couldn’t provide him with an international business account. With all GetGround investors provided with this as standard, Volker turned to us instead. He highlighted the time saved by being able to complete identification online with GetGround, while with his previous company, he took two days flying to and from the UK to complete this process. 


Using GetGround: Hassle-free property account management

“I can do everything online with you; it’s very comfortable.”

The ease of use and functionality of the GetGround platform stood out to Volker. When asked what he liked most about GG company, he highlighted the convenience of our business accounts as an international investor: the ability to transfer from GBP with ease and of being informed about exchange rates when doing so. Another point of difference, the automation of his rent coming into and his bills coming out of his business account. All these features deliver a stress-free experience as a foreign investor. 


Recommending GetGround: Property investment, all in one place

“It’s a no-brainer, just go for it.”

As someone who resides outside the UK, Volker recognises the ease that GG Company can bring international investors. The ability to access all your business account and company information online, the hassle-free nature of money transfers and conversion rates, and the automation of bills and rental income, are the reasons that Volker would recommend GetGround to others.


Do you want your property investment journey streamlined like Volker’s? Get started here.

Structuring your property investment

GetGround can make achieving tax-efficient investing much simpler by setting up your property limited company. GG Company means you can design a limited company in under half an hour and we handle all the admin that comes with it — giving you a hassle-free way to increase the returns on your investment, reduce your personal risk, and co-invest easily with family and friends.

Create your property limited company

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