April 18, 2024

Partner Spotlight: Qube Residential

"Get Ground have been a fantastic extension to our services, offering our clients invaluable advice relating to tax, future investments and financing options."

GetGround caught up with Jonathan Cook from Qube Residential, a sales, letting and property management firm, with a spotlight on our ongoing partnership. Find out what he had to say below...


Tell us a bit about yourself, and the work you do at Qube Residential.

I am Jonathan Cook, Operations Director for Qube Residential. We are a sales,
lettings and property management business specialising in building great
customer relationships with our clients based around the world. We work
alongside single property landlords, portfolio landlords and developers, often
taking on the management of full blocks.

We are proud that we invest heavily into our team to ensure you have the best
quality staff looking after your investments to continually strive for the best ROI.

And how does GetGround help you support your clients on that journey?
Get Ground have been a fantastic extension to our services, offering our clients
invaluable advice relating to tax, future investments and financing options.
Having the option to put our clients in touch with Get Ground allows us to
manage their property effectively whilst having expert advisors on hand when
our clients require.

Talk us through your experience partnering with GetGround – what have
been some of the main benefits?

We work with a diverse group of investors around the world that typically may
not have access to financing in the UK. Having GetGround on hand to advise
investors how to create a private limited company, manage their finances and
offer financing is a great tool for us, allowing investors to release capital from
their investments and further invest, generating further mutual business.

What do your clients say about the partnership?

Our clients benefit from having the options to speak to GetGround and take their
advice. They always comment on the responsiveness and professionalism that
the advisors offer. It is important to us that this is the perception for our clients
as we need to trust that our clients are in good hands.

What's next for your partnership with GG?

We are fairly new to GetGround, however we are excited to see where our
partnership grows. GetGround have a huge database of clients and investors
with properties in the UK which I believe we could offer fantastic property
management to. We are looking forward to referring new investors we take on to
GetGround to help them be tax efficient and help give them the opportunity to
grow their portfolios.

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