Partner spotlight: Luxury Invest Group

Nikkita Papoutsis

We're excited to spotlight boutique real estate consultancy firm, Luxury Invest Group, as one of GetGround's partners. They use our GG Company service for their clients so that they can incorporate a company for their buy-to-let property investments. 


We sat down with Cameron Burns, Co-founder and Director of Luxury Invest Group to speak about his experience with GetGround and the future vision for the partnership. This is what he had to say...


Tell us a bit about yourself and the work you do at Luxury Invest Group

I'm Cameron Burns, one of the co-founders of Luxury Invest Group, a boutique real estate consultancy firm specialising in residential apartments and off-plan projects in the UK. We offer a full turn-key solution to buying property in the UK, helping with everything from finding the right development, to furnishing it, foreign exchange transfers, keeping the property rented and even resale and exit plans.


And how does GetGround help you support your clients on that journey? 

GetGround is critical in helping many of our clients to mitigate against taxes and assist with the ongoing financial management of the property post-completion. Helping open a UK business account, providing the auditing of their accounts and giving them many tax benefits is a huge added value we can offer our clients.


Nikkita and her team have been on hand for years helping us with our clients. Their responsiveness and attitude of care to clients are in keeping with our mission too.


Talk us through your experience partnering with GetGround 

I have always felt that the needs of our clients come before anything else and that customer service is paramount. GetGround’s main benefit to me is their responsiveness to our clients, their clear and transparent way of answering the many questions that come up and, perhaps most importantly, their ability to save our clients money!


What do your clients say about the partnership? 

Our clients always appreciate the value-added service that GetGround brings. They comment on the lengthy personalised consultations that go ahead where they have many questions and the simple way in which GetGround breakdown that information. They also find the tech behind the company formation structure to be easy to use.


What's next for your partnership with GetGround? 

Next for Luxury Invest Group and GetGround is continued successful business development. The more clients we can help buy property in the UK from all over the world, the happier they will be as they buy through a limited company structure via GetGround. We will also look to utilise GetGround’s innovative new tech features, such as the new mortgage platform.


If you’re wondering whether your business could benefit from a partnership with GetGround, find out more here. Or, if you’re an existing partner looking to feature in our Partner Spotlight series, just reach out to your Partner Manager to find out more.

Nikkita Papoutsis