November 2, 2023

North West England: a buy-to-let investment opportunity

In recent years, the Nort West of England has seen significant regeneration projects and economic growth. The impact of the transformative projects in this region is the revitalisation of areas such as Liverpool and Manchester, and improvements to these local economies. As a result, there has been a growth in the number of property investors purchasing buy-to-let in these areas. One of the projects delivering growth in this region is the Peel Group's Ocean Gateway Plan. In this post, we will delve into the opportunities this presents in North West England for residential buy-to-let investors.


What is the Ocean Gateway Plan?

The Peel Group is a leading infrastructure, real estate, and investment company operating in the UK. One of their notable undertakings is the Ocean Gateway Plan, which centres around the transformation and development of key waterfront locations in North West England. They are delivering a wide-scale investment into the private sectors of Liverpool, Manchester, and surrounding areas.


The rollout and impact on the North West England economy:

The Ocean Gateway Plan encompasses several major urban regeneration projects, including developments in Liverpool, Wirral, Manchester, and the wider North West region. The strategic intent behind the rollout is to attract investment, enhance connectivity, create sustainable employment, and boost economic growth. Through the development of state-of-the-art infrastructure, commercial spaces, and cultural hubs, the Ocean Gateway Plan aims to catalyze long-term economic prosperity. Job creation in various sectors, renewed tourism, and the influx of businesses will all contribute to boosting local economies and improving the overall quality of life for residents. The implementation of the Ocean Gateway Plan encompasses the development of key sites such as MediaCityUK in Manchester and Liverpool Waters in Liverpool, both of which have already demonstrated significant success.



MediaCityUK, located in Salford Quays, Manchester, has become a vibrant hub for media, creativity, and digital innovation. Home to renowned institutions such as the BBC and ITV, this thriving ecosystem has attracted a talented workforce, led to job creation, and boosted the local economy. The success of MediaCityUK showcases the potential economic impact of The Peel Group's development projects. When the BBC announced in 2007 that it was to move five major departments and 1,500 London-based jobs up to Salford, Manchester, one of the reasons it cited was a commitment to “distribute production spend… more widely across the whole of the UK”. Its £200m, five-storey home – MediaCityUK – on the banks of the famous Salford Quays is a shining beacon of regeneration.


Liverpool Waters: 

Liverpool Waters aims to regenerate the historic Liverpool Docklands, creating an unparalleled waterfront destination for business, culture, and residential living. This transformative project is set to attract significant investment, generate employment opportunities, and breathe new life into the area. Its completion will further increase the socioeconomic prospects for the region.


Benefits for residential buy-to-let investors: 

The Ocean Gateway Plan is not only advantageous for the local economy but also presents a unique opportunity for residential buy-to-let investors. Here are some key reasons why investors are drawn to this project:


  1. Capital Growth
    As the economy flourishes and demand for quality housing increases in North West England, property values are likely to appreciate. Consequently, buy-to-let investors can benefit from capital growth, potentially increasing their overall investment returns.

  2. Increased Equity 
    With rising property values, buy-to-let investors can build equity in their investments. This equity can be leveraged for financing future purchases or reinvested in other property ventures, thereby expanding their portfolio and potential income streams.

  3. Rental Growth 
    The development and revitalisation of areas within the Ocean Gateway Plan are expected to attract professionals, tourists, and potential residents. The resulting high demand for quality rental properties is likely to drive rental prices upwards, enabling buy-to-let investors to enjoy increased rental yields and a reliable income stream.

  4. Serviced Accommodation Opportunities
    The Ocean Gateway Plan also offers prospects for investors interested in the serviced accommodation sector. The influx of business travellers and tourists will generate a higher demand for short-term rental units, potentially leading to attractive returns on investment for serviced accommodation providers.

The Peel Group's Ocean Gateway Plan represents a transformative initiative that promises to benefit both the North West England economy and residential buy-to-let investors. By focusing on urban regeneration, infrastructure development, and job creation, the plan sets the stage for increased capital growth, heightened equity, rental growth, and exciting opportunities in the serviced accommodation sector. As the rollout progresses, investors can expect a favourable investment environment with sustainable growth potential.


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