Introduction to GetGround: What We Do and How We Work

Chris Frame

What we do

GetGround was founded on the principle that property investment can be made more efficient with technology. GetGround specialises in setting up and running limited companies- online, anytime and anywhere- for the sole purpose of buying and investing in UK properties, accelerating a process that once took a considerable amount of time.

It has long been known that owning an investment property in a limited company opens the door to more cost-effective ownership than owning in a personal name. However, it has typically been a time-consuming and expensive process to set up and administer a company. GetGround ultimately allows investors to enhance the returns on their property investments thanks to benefits such as reduced legal liability, tax efficiencies, easier transfer of ownership and improved estate planning.

The GetGround platform is the first of its kind, and the team is passionate about making the many benefits of a limited company structure more accessible, saving our customers time and money. With GetGround, anyone can set up a fully operational business- including official registration, documentation and financial accounts- in 24 hours, a process that once took months. โ€

Who we areโ€

GetGround was founded by two brothers whose combined commercial and technology experience from companies including Apax Partners, McKinsey & Company, GoJek and TripAdvisor led them to identify an opportunity to place technology at the core of improved asset investment, ownership and management.

The company was founded in 2018 and focused for over one year on product development and meeting all due diligence, regulatory and compliance requirements. GetGround has steadily been growing not only its customer base, but also its talented team of experts in real estate, legal and finance, engineering, sales and marketing. Every member of the GetGround team in every function is an expert in their field and have all made significant contributions to GetGroundโ€™s growth with their results-oriented approach.  โ€

Our partnersโ€

GetGround has received funding from esteemed partners including the UK government via HM Land Registry, and is regulated in part by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Information Commissioner's Office. Data privacy and security is also a critical component of providing a valuable service to clients, and the platform is continuously tested and evaluated on security, including testing by external security advisors such as Nettitude.

Chris Frame

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