How Do Investors at Different Ages Look at Buy-to-Let Investing?


A recent survey by GetGround found that:

  • A majority of buy to let landlords work full time
  • Landlords younger than 40 are significantly more likely to purchase more buy to let properties in the future, and do so under a company structure

The survey was conducted with 125 participants who considered themselves landlords. 

Among those surveyed, over 70% of those younger than 40 worked full-time, with less than 5% considering themselves full-time landlords. However, when looking at those over 40, only 50% are working full-time, and 20% consider themselves as full-time landlords. This follows a common understanding that full-time landlords tend to be older, and consider buy-to-let investing as a form of pension. 



The younger demographic are also significantly more likely to increase their buy to let portfolio, with almost 80% saying they will either significantly or slightly increase the number of units in the future. It is only 25% for the same statistic for those older than 40.

And those younger than 40 are also materially more likely to purchase buy-to-let properties under a company structure. Around 80% answered that they are likely or very likely to do so, vs. around 28% of those older than 40. 

The different age groups also invest for different reasons. Those younger than 40 are more likely to look at buy-to-let properties as a form of investment, extra income, and inheritance planning. For those older than 40, they consider buy-to-let properties primarily as a form of pension.


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