Fighting Financial Crime at GetGround

The GetGround Team

At GetGround, we take Financial Crime seriously. Though we are not a directly regulated entity, we strongly believe that we can only be successful if we take the steps to keep our customers, partners, and our platform safe from criminal activity. 

Because of this, we have implemented a robust anti-financial crime framework and have achieved some major milestones since the beginning of the year. To ensure our framework, policies and systems are robust enough, we underwent an independent external compliance audit completed by a third party to ensure that we’re adequately set up to achieve our goals. 

Based on our results, we are pleased to note that our audit brought up several positive findings about our approach to financial crime.

  1. Our Senior Leadership Team are committed to fighting financial crime

The audit team conducted interviews with several members across our business and found that everyone interviewed took their responsibilities towards preventing financial crime seriously and placed their obligations at the core of their work. 

Senior leaders also emphasized setting a positive direction and tone when it comes to financial crime, meaning that all teams understand its importance. This has resulted in an open compliance culture internally where staff feel that they are able to raise issues and ask questions with ease. 

This type of culture is hugely important as it ensures that all GetGrounders are able to talk openly about any potential risks. 

  1. Our Financial Crime Framework goes above and beyond

GetGround itself is not a directly regulated entity, but this has not stopped us from creating a robust anti-financial crime framework. Much of the work that we’ve been doing in this space has been in line with expectations set with our partners and providers. 

  1. Our due diligence process is robust

We complete a due diligence process on all customers that come onto our platform. This is because we want to understand exactly who our customers are, and where they sit within our risk appetite. This gives us confidence that our platform will not be exposed to any illicit activity. 

  1. We have strong policies and procedures in place

The audit found GetGround’s compliance policies and procedures to be well written and easily understood. This is important as it ensures that our team is clear on what we need to look out for, and are well trained on how to keep our platform safe. 

Building our Financial Crime Programme is something that we intend to continuously improve and iterate on over time. Because we’ve taken such a proactive approach to implementing it, we’re confident that we’ve got the right foundations to ensure that we can keep our customers, partners, and platform safe.

The GetGround Team

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