But, purchasing your investment property through a company can help solve this.

There are many other benefits too. Such as, protecting your wealth, helping plan for inheritance and easily buying with others.

After all, an investment property is a business and companies are designed for business. At GetGround we’ve created a service that helps you capture these benefits - without the hassle or high fees.

We believe that holding property in a company helps lower costs, improve information and reduce barriers to buy and sell. As a result, we think both landlords and tenants will benefit.

Our mission is to create a fairer property market for all.

Meet our leadership team


Moubin is the CEO of GetGround and was an investment professional at Apax Partners, one of the world’s leading private equity houses. There he was involved in numerous key transactions in the retail, consumer and services sectors.

Previously Moubin was at McKinsey & Company and is trained as a medical doctor at Imperial College where he graduated with distinctions.


Misrab is the CTO of GetGround. He is a computer scientist and set up the data science team and Singapore office at Go-Jek, Indonesia’s first technology ‘unicorn’.

Previously he taught data science at General Assembly, auction dynamics at TripAdvisor, and has been heavily involved in cryptographic theory and distributed ledger technology.

Misrab is Stanford University graduate with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees focused around computer science, economics and mathematics.